Ladakh offers innumberable number of trekking options and needs no elaboration.  However one subject which is very important is to be aware of AMS.  Before going on any trekking expedition just be aware of AMS.  Lets see what it is… Altitude Sickness When you arrive in Leh, remember that you are at an altitude of … Read more


Forts and Palaces in Ladakh, India Ladakh is known as the land of  gompas and is known for its monasteries.  However, Ladakh was a kingdom for many centuries and the kings over the centuries have built forts and palaces, some of them are in ruins but few are in good condition.  Here are listed some … Read more


Famous Monasteries in Ladakh Buddhism in Ladakh is ancient and widespread and a popular theme for cultural tours in Ladakh. The population of Ladakh is predominantly Buddhist and Ladakh has been deeply influenced by Tibetan Buddhism, which follows the Mahayana and Vajrayana schools. There are about 35 Buddhist monasteries spread across the region which thrives … Read more